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   Please Meet the Author:  Peladija Woodson-Diers

  Triumph Over Destiny 

"Triumph Over Destiny"  is a compelling true story of survival, great courage, love and ones destiny. Karoline Rink was living a happy life in the small alpine village of Bleiberg, Austria in 1938.  At fifteen and a half years old she was already working alongside her father in the ​lead mines to help her family survive the harsh economic times that resulted from World War I. Karoline, did have dreams and faith that her future would be full of adventure from travels out into the wider world. She was certain that love and a family waited as well. Karoline, as did all of Austria, knew of Hitler’s rise and how his Nazi force had invaded then annexed their beloved country. Little did they know in 1938 that Hitler’s rise to power was the beginning of the all-out terror, destruction, horror, and death that became World War II.  What Karoline could not know was how these  events would spiral in and around so very close as to alter her life’s journey irrevocably.  In July of 1938, fate came for Karoline Rink.     

Triumph Over Destiny Books 

Triumph Over Destiny is now available for purchase @ www.Createspace.com/4806604 or Amazon.com.  Target date for Kindle download is set for end of December 2014

Author: Peladija Woodson-Diers